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Having Trouble With A Former Landlord? How To File Small Claims Online

Did you give your former landlord a security deposit when you started renting out an apartment? The agreement between the two of you may have been that you would pay the security deposit as protection in case you were to cause any damage while living in the apartment. If all was fine when you decided to move out, the landlord would refund your security deposit. If you've found a new place to live and your landlord is refusing to give you back that deposit, you can file small claims online.

The Real Reason You Should File a Claim

If you know that the apartment you've rented is still in fantastic condition, it's only fair for your landlord to give you the security deposit back because it is your money. You may want to use that money as a down payment for the new apartment or home you're going to live in. If you have a contract between the landlord that clearly states you would receive the deposit back, but your landlord refuses, it's called a breach of contract. Small claims court can help you with getting your money back without having to hire a lawyer.

How to Easily File Your Claim Online

The state in which you live may offer the option to file your claim electronically. This is some of the information you'll need to provide when you're filing:

  • Name and personal information (address, birthday, etc.)
  • Name of your landlord
  • Reason for filing the claim

When filling out the reason for filing the claim, you'll want to be as detailed and descriptive as possible. After filling out the paperwork online, you'll need to send it over to the court. You may also be prompted to add a payment method when you submit the paperwork because there is a filing fee. The fee for filing a small claim may vary depending on the state you're in.

In just a few days, you may receive a message from the court about the claim you've made. If it gets accepted, you'll receive a specific date where you'll need to come to court to present the case against the landlord. Make sure that you're prepared for court by having a copy of the leasing agreement between you two, along with pictures of the apartment and other evidence that works in your favor.

You may never have thought that you would be dealing with an untrustworthy landlord who made an agreement and refuses to stick with it. If you feel like the landlord will never give you the security deposit back, small claims court is an option. All you'll need to do is file online and have your evidence ready to prove that your landlord is in the wrong.