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Getting Your Car Insured If Your Current Insurer Cannot Renew Your Policy

Just because your current car insurer can't offer you coverage doesn't mean that you cannot be covered. You may be able to get coverage via other ways. Here are four alternative moves to try. Shop from Other Insurers A few blatant mistakes will get you blacklisted by almost all insurers. In most cases, however, getting denied by one insurer doesn't mean that others can't insure you. Insurance companies place different weights on the factors they use to deny coverage. Read More 

5 Home Maintenance Tips To Avoid An Insurance Claim This Summer

As a homeowner, having home insurance is a must. This way, if something happens to your home, you are protected financially. However, having to make a claim with your home insurance at all is still something you want to avoid because, once you make a claim, your insurance rates go up. To avoid claims, you need to be sure that your home is safe. Here are five tips to ensure that this is true for your home this summer: Read More 

Two Important Homeowner’s Insurance Questions Answered

Your homeowner's insurance policy is one of the most important forms of protection that you can have, because it will protect you against financial loss involving one of your most valuable possessions. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many homeowners are not very informed when it comes to insuring their property, which can lead to them making a host of mistakes. To help you avoid these issues, you may need to learn the answers to some of the more common questions. Read More 

Reasons You Think You Don’t Need Disability Insurance (But Actually Do)

Do you really need to invest in disability insurance? There are common reasons why people don't bother with the extra monthly payments, without thinking of the long-term disadvantages of this. Here are the most common reasons you likely come up with to not need disability insurance, when really you should invest in it. A Disability Won't Happen to You How often do you believe that you won't end up disabled? You're currently young, healthy, and there are no disabilities running in the family. Read More 

Foothill Abortion Disease In Your Cattle (And Protecting Yourself From It)

Cattle are affected by a wide range of diseases, many of which can be life threatening. One of the worst of these is foothill abortion disease. If you are a cattle owner, you need to understand this disease, how it can affect your herd, and how to protect your cattle from infestation. It is also worth understanding how insurance can help keep you safe from loss. The Disease And Its Effects Read More