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5 Home Maintenance Tips To Avoid An Insurance Claim This Summer

As a homeowner, having home insurance is a must. This way, if something happens to your home, you are protected financially. However, having to make a claim with your home insurance at all is still something you want to avoid because, once you make a claim, your insurance rates go up. To avoid claims, you need to be sure that your home is safe. Here are five tips to ensure that this is true for your home this summer:

  1. Make Roof Repairs: The first thing you will want to do is have your roof inspected. After the winter and spring seasons, a great deal of damage could have occurred due to high winds, heavy snowfall, and rain. You want your roof inspected to ensure that damaged shingles are replaced and water damage is repaired, as well. This way, you don't have to worry about your roof potentially caving in.
  2. Tree Maintenance: During the winter and spring seasons, yard work is likely put on hold because of the wet weather conditions. For this reason, it's important to get back into your yard for some necessary yard work, which include trimming your trees. You should have a professional do this since they know how to trim trees properly. They will get rid of damaged branches, potentially diseased branches that you don't want to spread, and overgrowth. This helps you avoid pest problems and potential damage to your home or a neighbor's from damaged tree branches collapsing suddenly. 
  3. Clean the Gutters: The gutters need to be cleaned during the summer, as well, because of all the dirt and debris they have washed away during the rainy and snowy season. This will ensure that pests are avoided since pests love hiding in the moist debris left in gutters. It will also ensure that, once the rain starts up again from any summer storms, the water will be washed away instead of getting stuck behind built-up debris, which could cause water damage to your home. 
  4. Check for Leaks Near Condenser: Now that summer is here, you are likely going to start using your air conditioner. The first couple times you run it, you need to check near the condenser for any standing puddles of water. This indicates that there is a leak and the condenser tubes need to be repaired or replaced in order for your AC to run efficiently and to avoid water damage. 

When you utilize these four tips, you can be sure that you are much less likely going to have to file a home insurance claim during the summer season. For more tips on protecting your home, contact a company like Partlow Insurance Agency, Inc.