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How To Decrease The Expense Of Car Insurance When Your Teens Start Driving

As a parent, you meet with a mixture of terror and excitement as your teenagers approach the legal driving age. Terror is the result of knowing your teen is attempting to wield something that could do some serious damage, and excitement comes in the knowledge that your teen is one step closer to independence. Unfortunately, it also means that your car insurance rates are about to go through the roof. You can decrease these premiums with a number of options. Read More 

What Kinds Of Insurance Does A Commercial Truck Driver Need?

If you are a commercial truck driver, then you might worry about accidents. You might not know what will happen in the unfortunate event of an accident, such as what you might have to pay or how insurance will work. Here is a breakdown of exactly what each kind of commercial truck insurance covers. Bodily Injury Liability: this exists in case someone is injured in an accident. It pays for the damages that you may have caused to this person and acts as a legal defense against suing for damages. Read More 

Insuring A Tree House

Your kids may think it's neat to have a tree house in the backyard, but getting it insured may be another story. Insurance companies have different guidelines, so it can be a challenge making sure you have enough insurance if something unexpected happens. You may have to do a bit of homework, but but you'll be able to sleep at night once you know that all your property is adequately insured. Read More 

Insurance Company Won’t Pay For Vehicle Damage? Here’s What To Do

The whole point of auto insurance is to get help when you get in an accident or otherwise have to deal with damage to your car. Unfortunately, however, some insurance companies try to get out of paying the money that their policyholders deserve. If you have a damaged vehicle and aren't getting the help that you deserve from your insurance company, you could be wondering how to proceed. Luckily, following these steps can help you get the money that is owed to you. Read More 

Four Ways To Get A Better Car Insurance Rate

Car insurance can seem expensive, but why does it cost more for some than for others? There are many factors that play into how your insurance carrier decides your rates. While some factors, such as age and gender, can't be changed, there are a few things you can do to lower your insurance rates. Before you renew your policy, consider taking some of the following steps: 1. Buy a Different Car Read More