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Getting Your Car Insured If Your Current Insurer Cannot Renew Your Policy

Just because your current car insurer can't offer you coverage doesn't mean that you cannot be covered. You may be able to get coverage via other ways. Here are four alternative moves to try.

Shop from Other Insurers

A few blatant mistakes will get you blacklisted by almost all insurers. In most cases, however, getting denied by one insurer doesn't mean that others can't insure you. Insurance companies place different weights on the factors they use to deny coverage.

For example, insurers may balk at selling coverage to those who drive high-performance cars, have traffic tickets, or have poor credit ratings. However, the insurance companies may place different weights for each of these three issues. Therefore, if have just bought a high-performance car, your insurer may deny you coverage if it has a strict policy against insuring high-performance cars. However, you may be able to buy coverage from the other insurers that consider poor credit ratings and traffic tickets worse than having a high-performance car.

Target Specialty Auto Insurers

You don't have to make a mistake to be denied auto-insurance coverage. Your insurer may decline to cover you because of your unique needs, for example, if you have a love for fast cars, modified cars, or vintage cars. If that is your situation, you can improve your luck by targeting insurers who cover motorists with the same needs as yours.

Try High-Risk Auto Insurance

High-risk auto insurance is targeted at those who insurers see as most likely to cause accidents. This includes drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), those who have a history of accidents, and inexperienced drivers. Some insurers have specialized in high-risk auto insurance while others offer both standard and high-risk coverage.

Buy State-Sponsored Programs

The last alternative is to buy a state-sponsored car-insurance policy. In all states, some level of car insurance is mandatory, and motorists who don't have car insurance are penalized. However, the government also knows that it would be difficult for private insurers to cover high-risk motorists. For this reason, states have created insurance programs for covering motorists that other insurers have refused to cover.

As you can see, even if your insurer has refused to sell you coverage, you do not have an excuse for driving without car-insurance coverage. However, don't forget that these alternatives may cost more than the standard industry rates. Thus, it's in your best interest to improve your situation (if that's possible) so that you can go back to the relatively inexpensive standard rates.

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