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Cut The Cost Of Your Insurance Premium Without Losing Coverage

Is your auto insurance premium costing you too much? If so, lowering your insurance rate is probably a major concern to you, right? Well, rather than reduce the coverage that you are currently getting just to lower the cost of your insurance premium, you may want to consider other solutions that can lower your insurance cost, such as:

Increasing Your Deductible:

The more you pay for your deductible the lower your auto insurance premium will be. This is because you will be paying more of your own money if you want to file a claim and utilize your coverage. Deductibles normally vary from $250-$1,500, so if you are currently paying $250 for your deductible, consider paying a bit more as this will save you annually on your auto insurance cost.

Updated Your Driver's Profile:

Did you know that the cost of your insurance premium can lower if you drive less, work with an employer that has partnered with your insurance provider and if you have added security features to your car? Chances are you didn't and this can mean that you are not maximizing your savings potential. If you have recently been hired with a new company or drive less than you were when you first signed up for your policy then you may want to consult with your insurance agent and update your drivers profile. Informing your agent of your new driving miles, and that your employer offers discounts for your insurance policy can save you big. This can also reduce the cost of your insurance policy without you having to cut any coverage.

Going To Driving School:

If you currently have tickets for any driving violations, you can potentially be paying much more for your auto insurance than someone who doesn't have any tickets. Tickets can boost the cost of your insurance rate tremendously, which is why it is critical that you have any driving violations removed from your record as soon as possible. You can likely remove any traffic or driving violation tickets by attending a driving school course and passing the class. By doing this, the driving school will remove points from your record, which will prevent insurance providers from being able to tell that you have had any tickets in the past few years.

With these three methods, you can likely lower your insurance premium cost without having to cut coverage. These are very effective solutions, and can potentially save you hundreds a year on the cost of your auto insurance policy. This is why it is important to take actions sooner, rather than later, if you desperately need to cut the cost of your auto insurance premium. Talk to your insurance agent, such as someone at, for more information.