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Three Things You May Not Realize Your Auto Insurance Covers

You probably know the basic benefits of having auto insurance. You can get your car repaired if you get into an accident or have someone else's car repaired if you damage it. There are some benefits that you may not even realize your coverage includes. The following guide walks you through three things your insurance coverage may cover and you may not even know it.

Roadside Assistance

If you get a flat tire and are not able to change it yourself, your insurance company may cover the cost of having a roadside assistance company come to and help you. You may not even have to pay the deductible for the services, if it is the first time using them. The coverage will more than likely cover any small fix that the company can make on the side of the road such as bring you gas or fix your tire.


If your car suddenly stops working and you become stranded, many insurance coverage's include some towing coverage. Your insurance company may cover the cost of a tow, but it will only be within a specific distance and may have to be authorized before the coverage will be granted. Insurance companies often work with specific towing companies in each area and hiring the specific company your insurance company works with is important if you want the coverage to cover the cost of the tow. Be sure that you have the car towed to a mechanic that the insurance company will pay to repair your car, if it has been involved in any sort of accident. If the car stopped working simply because you did not care for it properly, your insurance will not cover the cost for your repairs.  

Windshield Replacement

If your windshield is chipped or cracked, your insurance coverage may entitle you to a free replacement windshield. Many companies allow their clients to be able to get one free windshield replacement every few years. If you need to have your windshield replaced multiple times, you may have to pay for the deductible of your policy in order to have the majority of the cost paid by the insurance company.

You can contact an insurance agent at a company like Consumers Coverage Corporation to find out what is and is not covered by your insurance. It is best to get a copy of your coverage in writing so that you can view your benefits line by line to see what coverage you really have.