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Four Ways To Protect Your New Home Property

As soon as you move into your new home, there are probably many items you would like to improve. The items below are important ways to stretch your investment and protect your property. 

Change the Locks

As soon as you move in, one of the first things to do is to change the locks to your new place. Many people could have spare keys to your house, including the old occupants, the real estate agent, the carpenter, and the movers. In order to protect your house and your belongings, get a locksmith to work on the doors. 

Get a Comprehensive Homeowner's Insurance Plan

Homeowners insurance, like from Bell Insurance Inc, is important to have from day one. Even if you've had an inspection, you never know what could go wrong in the first years at your new home. There are a variety of insurance plans; some cover just the basics, while others can even cover your personal belongings. 

There are a few things that a comprehensive insurance plan should have. The replacement cost will determine how much money you can recover after a loss, so make sure this value is high. The policy should also cover disasters specific to your area; if you live in a rainy climate, your coverage should deal with basement flooding and mold damage. A few extra dollars for the right policy could save you a headache down the road. 

Have Your Property Surveyed

If you ever plan to do home improvements, such as adding a fence or a pool, you'll need to know the limits of your property. Sometimes, home properties can be oddly shaped, and a corner of land you thought was yours might actually belong to your neighbor. Get a surveyor to map out the area your property sits on, so you'll have it as a reference in case of later disputes. 

Check the Insulation

Insulation is one area of the home that may wear down over time, so when you move into your new place, it might not be very energy efficient. Consider getting a professional insulation company to come and fix the insulation around your windows, chimney, and garage. You'll get the most use out of your new insulation if you have it installed as soon as you move into the home. For this reason, it should be one of the first items on your checklist. 

When you first move into your new home, there are many things on your checklist. The items above are great ways to protect your property's value and comfort.