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Why You Need Flood Insurance For Your House

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your home was flooded? Rain is a part of nature that can fall in large amounts when you least expect it, so you may want to invest in flood insurance as a financial backup plan. Find out below why investing in flood insurance is a good idea, as well as an estimate of what your premium will be.

What Should a Homeowner Know About Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is the type of coverage that every homeowner should have, as water can cause damage that leads to a house having to be completely renovated. Water can also damage property that is on the exterior of the house, such as a shed or detached garage. Flood insurance coverage will give you the financial means to bring your home back to a livable condition without having to break your bank account. All you will have to do is file a claim and get the money that you need in a prompt manner.

Flood insurance coverage will allow you to get your house rebuilt, if necessary. Some of the things covered if you must rebuild include the following:

  • Flooring
  • Electrical wiring
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Installing a new plumbing system

Are Any Personal Household Items Covered by Flood Insurance?

One of the best benefits of flood insurance is that your valuable items are covered, so you won't suffer a big financial loss. For instance, if you collect antiques, original paintings or other rare items, you can get compensated if they are damaged in a flood. All you will need to provide to the insurance company is proof of their value and authenticity. You can also receive money for your regular clothing, shoes and accessories if they are damaged as well.

You can also receive enough money to purchase more furniture and electronics after a flood. Other personal items covered include the following:

  • Food
  • Home appliances
  • Window treatments

What is the Estimated Price for Flood Insurance?

There are several things that will factor into your premium amount for flood insurance, including whether you are living in a flood zone or not. Homeowners in a known flood zone should expect to pay a premium that is at the highest end of the scale. Flood insurance is estimated between $112 and $2,000 plus annually, with the average premium being $400 plus. Make the call to a flood insurance agency as soon as possible to get your house covered. For more information, contact a business such as The Selzer Company.