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Four Reasons You May Want To Get Car Rental Insurance Even With An Auto Insurance Policy

Every time you rent a car you're usually offered car rental insurance. Many people waive the option for car insurance because they already have their own auto insurance policy -- why double up? But there are certain benefits to having both policies in place, the most important of which are listed below.

1. Your Insurance Premiums Won't Increase

Whenever you make a claim against your insurance, you have a chance of your premiums going up. That won't always happen. Some insurance policies have accident forgiveness if you have otherwise been a safe driver -- other policies use a point scoring system and you might not exceed it with a single accident. Either way, though, using car rental insurance rather than your own auto insurance will ensure that you don't get dinged.  

2. You Often Get Additional Benefits

Car rental insurance usually comes with benefits such as roadside assistance. If you're on a vacation or a business trip, your time is probably very important to you. These benefits will make it easier for you to recover from issues with your vehicle without having to spend additional time and money. 

3. Your Auto Insurance May Not Cover Everything

Many auto insurance policies do cover car rentals, but they will only cover the amount that you, yourself pay for in auto insurance. For example, if you have a collision-only policy, you will only be covered for collisions through your auto insurance. Car rental insurance, on the other hand, will cover everything that it says it will. Your car rental insurance could have an under-insured driver package, or provisions for stolen items in your car. 

4. You Can Tap Into Both Policies

What happens if you get into a very serious accident and it exceeds the amount of your auto insurance? Once your personal auto insurance cap is maxed out, your car rental insurance policy can kick in -- and vice versa. You are not purchasing a replacement policy when you purchase car rental insurance; you're purchasing a policy that will sit on top of your existing policy (or in place of it, should you choose to claim through your car rental insurance first).

A car rental insurance policy is usually fairly inexpensive and for many it will offer some peace of mind. But it is also true that most auto insurance policies will cover accidents in a car rental. It's always a good idea to check with your insurance company first. For more information, speak with an insurance representative, such as those at Winder Insurance Center.