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Tips For Appealing A Denied Auto Insurance Claim

What do you do when your auto insurance claim is denied, and you want to appeal? Do you contact the insurer to voice your concerns? That is what an appeal means, but there are a few measures you should do first before contacting the insurer. Here are four things to do to ensure that your eventual appeal is a strong one:

Understand Why Your Claim Was Denied

You shouldn't make any move without first understanding why your claim was denied. If the reason for the denial is written in complex jargon, contact your insurance agent to explain what it means. In some cases, you might be surprised to find out that the insurer was actually right in denying your claim. For example, it may be that your coverage doesn't cover the damage you incurred, and you did not know this because you did not read your policy the last time you were renewing coverage.

List Your Reasons for the Appeal

If you don't agree with the stated reasons for the denial, then you should analyze your claim and come up with strong reasons for appealing the denial. Although you are likely to be filled with anger at those who denied your claim, your emotions will not win your case. Why do you think you should be compensated X amounts for expense Y? Those are the kinds of things you should include in your list.

Scrutinize Your State Laws

What if you feel that the insurer denial of your claim is an illegal move? In that case, log onto your state's Department of Insurance and scrutinize the relevant laws. Know your rights as an insured motorist, the insurance company's responsibilities towards you, exceptions that apply to general rules, and other things related to your claim. For example, state laws set minimal standards for investigating claims; check to see that this happened in your case.

Gather the Supporting Materials

If you are still convinced that you have a case, then the next step is to gather all the materials you can use to make your case. This includes copies of your insurance policy, police reports, bills, and correspondence with the insurer. Make sure you note down the name and employee ID of the adjuster or any person who deals with you when you contact the insurance company. The more details you can preserve, the stronger your appeal will be.

After going through all these, then you can write to the insurance company to appeal your case. If you are lucky, then the insurer may come back to the negotiation table, and you will hammer out a deal. If this doesn't happen, and you are still convinced of the merit of your case, then your next step should be to consult an attorney.