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Learn About Medigap Plans And What They Offer You Before Buying This Insurance

Medigap insurance is offered through private insurance to supplement Medicare Part A and B insurance approved amounts that are billed by health care providers. Medigap pays for copayments, coinsurance and deductibles that original Medicare does not cover. Medigap saves you out-of-pocket balances when Medicare pays an approved sum of your medical bills. Medicare automatically forwards your balance to your Medigap insurance company, which promptly pays the balance to your provider. You should learn about Medigap plans and what they offer you before purchasing this insurance.

Educate Yourself About Medigap Coverage

Medigap will bill you a separate monthly premium for Part B coverage even though you already pay a monthly Part B premium to Medicare. Be aware that Medigap covers only one person. If your spouse needs Medigap coverage, a separate policy must be purchased in your spouse's name. The plan you choose goes by alphabetical listing, and you should examine the plan you want before signing up. Plan F appears to be very popular with buyers of Medigap.

Why Is Plan F So Popular?

A trade organization asserts that Plan F is chosen by 66 percent of people who buy Medigap. Why is this so? Well, most of the charges are fully covered under Plan F. Premium for this category keeps skyrocketing though. If you can afford the Plan F premium, it may be wise to purchase it, since it covers everything. Be aware though that as time passes by and you remain healthy, you're paying out an expensive premium each month.

Plan G Is A Reasonable Alternative

Plan G is a reasonable alternative to Plan F. It does pay for everything that Plan F covers, with the exception of one feature. It does not pay for your annual deductible, which increased to $167 in 2016. While it is a one-time payment, you might be facing property taxes and other taxes that arrive in January at about the time your annual health care deductible charges arrive.

Medicare Deductible Must Be Paid By You

You may not be able to pay your $167 policy deductible charge in one lump sum, and Medigap will not pay for what Medicare refused. Here's a way out. Arrange with your health care provider to pay off the annual $167 deductible charge that Medicare refused to pay. You can obtain permission from your provider to pay down the $167 you owe in small amounts each month. This helps you to pay your other bills on time without feeling that your back is up against the wall. Your other health care bills will be paid for by Medicare, but you are responsible for paying the annual deductible to your provider.

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