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What to Know About Automobile Insurance: The Basics

Insurance is an expense that most people do not want to pay, and the benefits of paying it are infrequently realized. It is only after something bad happens that most individuals are happy to have paid for insurance. In order to avoid significant expenses associated with an automobile, it is helpful to understand the particular type of insurance may suit an individual's needs best.

What Kind of Auto Insurance Should You Get?

The type of automobile insurance that you purchase is dependent upon several factors. First, a budget must be allocated for insurance. Figure out how much money you will be able to spend each month (or every six months) on your automobile insurance premium. 

A second consideration is how much coverage you will need. There are two basic categories of automobile insurance, liability only and comprehensive.

Liability-only automobile insurance is generally the most affordable type of insurance that a company will provide to its customers. As a result, this type of insurance generally covers the least amount of damage to a vehicle. Although there are a variety of different levels of insurance that can be sold to customers, liability-only insurance will usually cover damages to vehicles that are sustained in an accident that is your fault.

Depending on the level of liability insurance you have purchased, your insurance company may provide a larger or smaller payment for these damages.

Comprehensive coverage generally covers more than liability-only insurance. Not only will comprehensive coverage help you pay for the damages incurred during an automobile accident, it may also help you cover the cost of purchasing a new vehicle in the event that your vehicle is stolen.

Are There Discounts on Automobile Insurance?

There are ways to get discounted automobile insurance. An individual may be able to bundle their existing insurance plans with their automobile plan. Insurance companies can generally provide discounted rates on their automobile insurance in this way because of the reduced amount of paperwork and time required for existing customers versus new customers.

Some companies provide discounts on their automobile insurance by monitoring your driving habits to determine how large a discount you may be eligible for. Other companies provide discounts for paying your premium all at once.

Many companies provide these kinds of discounts to their customers. In order to determine if you are eligible for any or all of these discounts, contact your insurance representative to find out about the discounts your insurance company provides. For more about insurance options, consult a site such as