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3 Types of Auto Insurance Policies

Different auto insurance policies provide specific levels of coverage. You should know the difference between these policies and how each can cover your losses after an accident.

Learn more about the different car insurance coverage options in this guide.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers damage to other people's property. It also covers injuries or death to other people due to an accident that you're involved in.

There are two types of liability insurance, which include:

Bodily injury liability

With this coverage, the insurer pays for bodily harm and even death resulting from an accident where you're at fault. This coverage option takes care of medical expenses, lost earnings, and funeral expenses of the victim.

Property damage liability

This cover compensates for damages that you inflict on another person's property. For instance, if you accidentally back your car into your neighbor's wall, property damage insurance will pay for repairs to the damaged wall.

In most states, you cannot drive without liability insurance coverage. But, if you have more specific needs, you can always get additional coverage from a reliable insurer.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance can help replace stolen or damaged property, including motorized accessories. The policy also covers damages caused by natural disasters, such as fires and floods.

Additionally, if your car is broken into, comprehensive insurance may cover you for any ensuing damages. Some insurers extend comprehensive insurance coverage to include damages resulting from vandalism (depending on the circumstances surrounding the case). Such details are usually listed in your terms and conditions under the Acts of Vandalism clause.

Remember that some insurers do not offer coverage against theft. This would be stated in your policy under the Theft Exclusion clause. So be sure to go over the terms of your policy before you settle on a specific cover.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance covers damages to your car that result from an accident with another driver. This coverage can also help pay for damages suffered when your vehicle is hit by falling objects (like trees).

When you insure against such damages, confirm if there are special deductibles for your collision insurance cover. For example, some insurers may charge higher deductibles on collision coverage than they do on other forms of auto insurance, like comprehensive or liability. That's because the insurer will pay more to fix your car after an accident than replacing stolen parts. If you want to know what policy would suit your specific needs, consult a reliable auto insurance agent today.

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