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How Does A Public Adjuster Fit Into The Claims Process?

Public adjuster services are available for individuals, law firms, and businesses that need help filing insurance claims and suits. How does one fit into the claims process, though? A public adjuster can provide these four things for their clients.

Independent Assessment

The insurance company will almost certainly have a claims adjuster working on a case. This person is familiar with claims that are similar to yours, and they will provide the insurance company with a detailed assessment of what's damaged. Likewise, they'll assess how much fault might land on the policyholder and whether the type of damage is even covered by the policy.

A major point in hiring a public adjuster is to have an independent perspective. Even if you have the highest confidence in the insurance company's adjuster, it's not a bad idea to get a second opinion. Also, it's good to be sure that your public adjuster won't have any interest in satisfying anyone. Instead, they'll give you the most independent and honest assessment of the claim possible.


Not all claims are easy to assess. If you have a house full of insured collectibles, for example, arriving at valuations can be difficult. That is especially true if some of the damaged items don't regularly come to market.

Similarly, a custom-designed home can be challenging to assess. The insurance provider's adjuster will want to compare your home's damage to similar issues with similar houses in your region. If your home is close to one-of-a-kind, there could be a major gap between assessments. It is better to have several opinions so you can be confident that you'll settle on a fair number.

Peace of Mind

Most people request public adjuster services when there's a lot at stake. Houses and businesses may cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Asking for the input of a public adjuster will give you greater peace of mind about the process. While you might pay a small percentage of the eventual insurance compensation for the services, that's better than risking a divergence in value that could be many times worse.

Documentation and Reports

Especially if you're worried that the claim may turn into a lawsuit to force the insurer to pay, it's critical to document everything. A public adjuster can look at the insured items with an eye toward litigation. They also can provide reports explaining why they believe the compensable amount is what they claim.

Also, having a public adjuster involved lets the insurance company know you're serious about getting fair compensation. This may encourage the company to settle a tough case.